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Become part of our Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA) 
We are providing Australia's first 100% Certified Organic CSA program servicing Brisbane to Ballina. 
Our Community Supported Agricultural includes: 
  •  Access to a network of 50 local Certified Organic farmers
  •  Growing seasonal produce the way that nature intended
  •  Weekly harvest delivered direct to your door
"Empowering farmers and regenerating the land"
Heath and Mel 
Co - Founders of Munch Crunch
“Knowing that I am receiving a fair price for all my hard work and that everything I grow goes to feed someone is a key reason for being part of the MCO CSA project".
Sunforest Organic Farm – The Sunforest property is farmed and owned by Matthew and is situated in the red soil country over the escarpment of Byron Bay.

Matthew traditionally reared organic pigs, turkeys and chickens. Despite still having a few animals around the farm he now specialises in growing certified organic vegetables, such as sweet potato, snow peas and cucumbers. An organic farmer for more than 15 years, the quality and the taste of Matthew’s produce is always top notch, and the rich fertile soils of his property combined with his crop rotation ensure a high level of nutrient density in his crops.
“Being part of a CSA means I can spend more time on the farm looking after the crops and regenerating the land”.
Alasdair has been farming organically in the region for the past ten years growing a range of certified organic vegetables across his lease farms in a range of different microclimates to extend the season.

Bundaleer Organic Farm – A 120-acre farm situated in Broken Head, managed by Alasdair, is currently producing organic seedlings for other Munch Crunch Organics farmers and a range of organic herbs and greens for your harvest share, such as; basil, parsley, coriander, salad mix, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, zucchini, lettuce, kale and silverbeet. An organic citrus orchard is being established and the farm is off-grid. All of its power needs will soon be run entirely on sun-power.
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